“Kik” your texting bills goodbye!

Kik is a mobile messenger app for your smartphone.  You can download it for free for your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry and use it to message other Kik friends.  Messages are sent using your data plan rather than via SMS.  It requires an account, but setup and use is easy.

Helpful features:
  • tells you when your message has been received by others
  • lets you know when a new kik message appears on your phone
  • lets you send text and picts over the internet
  • real time interaction (you can see when your friend is typing you a message)
  • supports chatting with a group of friends
  • did we mention that it’s free? (do need a smart phone data plan)

Learn more about Kik at: http://kik.com/

Kik is one of many messenger apps that can help you save on texting bill.  Learn more at: http://gizmodo.com/5838144/the-best-ways-to-kill-your-sms-plan

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