Review of styluses for iPad and Android tablets

The folks at the Weigle Information Commons have posted a review on their blog of a bunch of different touch pad styluses.  Spoiler alert: They like the Bamboo stylus the best, but they also highlight some others that different people might like better for various reasons (the size of your hands, portability, etc.)

Also, even though their review refers to “iPad styluses”, all of the ones they mention can be used on any touch-screen phone or tablet.

Check out their full review at  and be sure to stop by the Vitale Digital Media Lab (Van Pelt Library, 1st floor, west end) to try them out yourself.

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  1. Too bad this review’s only for iPads. (This post title is a little misleading.) Lenovo has an awesome digitizer stylus.

  2. David Toccafondi says:

    Matt, that’s a fair comment. “Tablet” has become an ambiguous term, applying to iPad-type devices, Wacom graphic tablets, and tablet PC’s. I’ve changed the title of our post to be less misleading.

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