Coming soon: Wrangling GPS / GIS apps

UPDATE: Two articles in the series have been posted:

Your smartphone is a powerful data collector. Photos, notes, videos… everything you create can be geolocated. So finding apps to create GPS-enriched data, export it, and produce amazing projects for class should be easy, right?

Guess again.

Data Librarian Christine Murray and I are on a mission to show you the way to the best apps for that. Christine, GIS ace and data guru, is road-testing iPhone apps. She’s interested in gracefully porting her geolocated smartphone data into ArcGIS.

I’m a Penn MES graduate, naturalist and irrepressible phone-fiddler. I take my Android everywhere, and am looking to up my game from simply taking waypoints and tracks for fun. I’d like to share the data with other people, and see what I can do with it on other platforms.

We’ll cover waypoints, tracks, notes, photos, videos, file management, data formats, conversions and more. We’re sticking with free and cheap apps, and will puzzle out why the price range for these apps can range from free to $250. Yes, $250. For an app.

Stay tuned. The first in the series posts next week, where I’ll cover waypoint and track apps for Android.

In the meantime, check out Christine’s guides to mapping and ArcGIS 10.

UPDATE: Two articles in the series have been posted:

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