PubMed Plus for Handhelds

If you’re a clinician, medical researcher, or a student in the health sciences, you’ve most likely searched the PubMed database.  Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it’s the premier database for biomedical literature.  It might be the only database you use to find current medical information.

I’m often asked what PubMed app is the best to use on a smartphone.  There are many apps on the market that allow access to PubMed/Medline. In 2011, iMedicalApps, posted a review of 6 PubMed applications.  Most of the apps either charge you a fee to download the application or require you to add a special proxy address.  Many ask for both.

But if you’re looking for a PubMed version that won’t cost you a penny  and will allow full-text access to ALL the ejournals subscribed by the Penn Libraries, PubMed Plus for Handhelds is the way to go.

A few of the more important features include:

  • works on all platforms (it’s a mobile friendly website so it uses your browser software)
  • quick load time (simple text interface, no images)
  • access to full-text links to e-journals as well as Interlibrary Loan forms to request material not available via Penn Libraries (embedded links to PennText)
  • access anywhere to ALL ejournals subscribed by the Penn Libraries (via PennKey)

Search and Display options:

It’s definitely a “no frills” interface, but it gets the job done.  There are three search boxes on the main screen.  Most likely, you will want to use the first box labeled “Search with no filters”.  Resulting hits are the same as if you had searched PubMed from your desktop computer.

If you’re looking for just a few good articles, consider using the Systematic Reviews and Clinical Queries search boxes.  These are best when you are trying reduce your results to a limited number of targeted articles that might answer your clinical question (for example treatment or diagnostic questions).

From the results page you can access our PennText service by clicking the “Get Full Text” link.  If the article is available online, we’ll point you to the online service.  You will be prompted for your PennKey and then sent to the journal site.

Bookmark it!

Don’t forget to bookmark this mobile friendly version of Pubmed using your smartphone browser so you can quickly access again and again.

If you use an iPhone, here are some instructions:

  • Access this blog post on your iPhone.
  • Click and hold the link below until Safari asks you to copy the url.
  • Bookmark this page.
  • Name it something like PubMed Plus and save the bookmark.
  • Open the Bookmark Manager and edit the entry for “PubMed Plus” (or whatever you named it).
  • Delete the web address below the bookmark name (all the text in the box starting with “http”).
  • Paste in the address you copied earlier into memory.
  • Finish editing by pressing Done, then Done again.

That’s it!  You should have a link to PubMed Plus for Handhelds that you can access any time, anywhere.

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