Royal Society of Chemistry roadshow visits Penn

In May, the Royal Society of Chemistry visited the Chemistry Library on their nation-wide roadshow. David Toccafondi and I dropped by and were treated to app demos by RSC’s Merlin Fox.

This week I sat down with Judith Currano, Head of the Chemistry Library, and we took an even closer look at the apps on Android, iPod Touch and iPad.

RSC Mobile (iOS|Android) provides access to all RSC journals. Search them all, follow a select subset, and read abstracts for free, from anywhere. To gain complete access – full text articles in PDF or HTML format – you’ll need to be signed in to AirPennNet. I found this out the hard way using my Android phone, signed into my mobile carrier’s service. Once I switched to Penn’s wireless network, I could download and read to my heart’s content.

(Configure your device with AirPennNet here.)

This access model to journal content on mobile devices is common. The app is free, searching is free, browsing abstracts is free, but the publisher needs to know you’re a paid subscriber (via Penn) to provide you with full access.

The same is true of apps from the American Chemical Society, on this side of he pond. Their ACS Mobile app requires your device to be logged in to AirPennNet to access full content (iOS | Android).

Judith Currano demonstrates SPRESImobile for iPad

Judith also showed me RSC’s chemical structure database app, Chemspider (iOS only), and a slew of other apps she’s evaluating on her iPad: SPRESImobile (iOS), C&EN (iOS | Android) and more. Stay tuned for more about these apps as Judith casts her discerning eye – and fingers – across the handheld chemistry landscape.

-photo courtesy of David Toccafondi

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