While you were out…

The Apps on Tap team:

David’s favorite handwriting app for iPad

  • played with map apps, twice: here, here.
  • turned text articles into MP3s. (link)
  • played with anatomy apps, twice: here, here.
  • found a great handwriting app for iPad. (link)
  • fell in love with a Pubmed-indexed video journal of experiments. (link)
  • got the skinny on EBSCO mobile. (link)
  • caught up with our Music Librarian. (link)

The folks at the WIC stayed busy too:

  • showing us the newest neatest gadgets (link),
  • helping us make eBooks (link),
  • and blogging away (link).

Around Penn:

  • Medical students will be sporting white coats AND iPads this year. (link)
  • Wharton has crafted a custo iPad for sale at the Penn Computer Connection. (link)
  • CHOP launched a genome browsing app for iPad, wowser! (link)
  • The Hackathon is on again, September 14-16, this time with even more prize money. Whoa. (link)

Recently from Apps On Tap…

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