Vote smart! REDUX

See our previous plea for you to remember to VOTE today. (AppsOnTap)

The Sax Man himself, Former President Bill Clinton, spoke on campus last night. Read Under The Button’s live-tweeting of the event. (UTB)

Use FactCheck’s mobile app to find the truth spread out among all of the campaign trail ads and stump speeches. (

Keep up with all the latest news on the election – New York Times and Wall Street Journal are dropping their paywalls for a brief period of time tomorrow so everyone can get their fill of political coverage, as it happens – even via their mobile apps. (The NYT paywall drops at 6 p.m. EST, the WSJ at 5p.m. EST.) But don’t forget, we always have access to the published editions of both NYTand WSJ anyway! (Daily Intel, NY Mag)

DistrictBuilder brings us new software making the redistricting process more transparent – something I think we can all agree is quite appreciated. (MIT Libraries News)

And if you see an irregularity at your polling place in Philadelphia (like checking for ID, which is NOT REQUIRED IN PA), tweet your report to @Committeeof70.

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