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While we’ve been blogging up a storm at Apps on Tap, so have our colleagues around the Libraries. We thought you might like to know what everyone else is up to. Without further ado…

Datapoints. The Lippincott librarians are on fire, writing up great mini research guides like I Dream of Gini on income distribution and So Call Me Maybe? on smartphone penetration, plus research assistance hours in Huntsman, equipment updates, and promos for free stuff via Foursquare. Check in!

News from the Penn Veterinary Library. Margy Lindem and Becca Lausch are keeping you informed about upcoming events, news in the wider veterinary world, and interesting new additions to the Library (from old school transparencies to eBook collections).

PennWIC.  Our own David Toccafondi was the first person at Penn Libraries to explore blogging as a way to share his work at the Vitale Digital Media Lab. His posts formed the foundation of the Weigle Information Commons blog. Here you can stay up to date on events, workshops, gadgets, tricks, tips and other goodies. David posts regularly – about iPad styluses, cool apps, and updates on the great work that lab staff and alums are doing in the digital world.

Rare Book Cataloging at Penn. Fall down the rabbit hole with Regan Kladstrup and her fellow catalogers, who tell stories about book thieves, watery graves, perilous bedrooms and more as they catalog and describe rare materials. It’s like our very own Things You Missed in History Class, except it’s Things Everyone Missed in History Until We Figured It Out.

Unique at PennOur collection is so fascinating we need two! two! blogs about our materials. Ace digital humanist Mitch Fraas unearths the unique, the intriguing, and the otherwise cool, revealing everything from early twentieth century Indian cinema promotional materials to original minute books of a prominent 18th century London orphanage.


Can’t get enough? We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention these top-notch blogs from our associates:


Sure. We’re on facebook, twitter, flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, and iTunesU – and there’s even more on the way. The Penn Libraries are everywhere you are. Take a look and see:

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