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Have you checked out the awesome offerings in Coursera? You may know that Penn is a partner in this platform (known as a massive open course, or MOOC), providing free online classes (taught by Penn faculty members). Blackboard and Instructure (aka Canvas) are now trying to get in on the act, putting together MOOCs of their own. (Chronicle)

Gizmodo performs a side-by-side video comparison of Apple’s Siri versus Google Voice Search for iPhone. (Gizmodo via Vimeo)

One analyst with Finvista Advisors is expecting Android tablets to push Apple iPad off the top of the market share heap. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below: What type of tablet you use and why? How are manufacturers like HTC and Motorola are going to topple the giant? (CNET)

Check out the Weigle Information Commons’ WICShops – their November calendar is shaping up to be quite excellent, especially for GIS-lovers. (WIC)

Finally, if you loved Apps On Tap blogger Christine Murray’s post about data collection tool Fulcrum, you will probably enjoy tomorrow’s Penn GIS Day. There will be presentations about different GIS and mapping tools and their uses, including a special talk with Michael T. Jones (co-inventor of Google Earth). (PennIUR)

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