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Catch up on the best of the best-of lists!

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, here is the Worst of 2012: a list of the biggest tech screw-ups witnessed last year.     (Gizmodo)

That’s it — this year you will stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Right?! In case you need any outside assistance with yours, check out this list of apps to help keep you on the right path.     (ApartmentTherapy)

You got an iPhone 5 as a holiday gift. Score! Now take advantage of all that Siri has to offer. Check out this guide for easy web searching in Google or Wolfram Alpha using Siri as your own personal research assistant. How nice is that?     (iMore)

Or, you got a new Kindle or other e-reader. Congratulations! Use this guide to see cheatsheets for operating these bad boys, as well as lists of the top books purchased by readers – so you can snag some good personal reading time before the heavy workload of required reading sets in.     (The Millions)

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  1. Really liked the worst of 2012 🙂

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