PennApps was here: Winners within!

Image lovingly captured from the PennApps website.

The first PennApps Hackathon of 2013 is already ramping up happened! The overall winner whipped up Inventory, an RFID-hack for your backpack, meant to keep track of things as you put them in and take them out. Crazy smart idea, as always.  Way to go, PennApps people!

Full list of winners:

Recording of ALL presentations:

Hands-down, the best round-up, from 34th Street:


—— previously ——

If you’re not clear what sort of projects might come out of a student-run hackathon, check out the winning projects from the Fall 2012 event:

The page includes sponsored prize winners for categories like Most Delicious UI (Facebook for Grandma), Dead Simple (It’s a Date), and Hack Most Useful for Students (Notable).

The non-hacker but still hacker-curious type may consider attending the project demos on Sunday. Check out the demos from the fall event on YouTube, here:

Sounds like fun? Sign up for the demo event (for free) at EventBrite:

Feel like telling everyone you know that you’re going and gosh darn it, they should go too? Join the facebook event:

So excited you can’t stand waiting til Friday night? Pop in to the How to Hack Facebook workshop tonight at 7pm in Berger Hall:

“We will go over the basics on how to build a website and how to build on the Facebook platform. The information is geared toward first time hackers but there are lot of good bits of information for you seasoned hackers as well. Facebook engineers Ryan Menezes (’11) and Lu Chen (’11) will be presenting and answering all of your questions. Bring your computer & your teammates as this will be an interactive session!”

Or Friday afternoon at 3pm, check out the NYTimes Javascript Tech Talks (somewhere in Huntsman).

Or you can attend from afar by following a live-tweeter. My money is on Technically Philly (site, twitter), which enthusiastically followed AND rounded up the autumn competition after the dust settled.

Last year’s winner was really, really cool, so get psyched:

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