Two essential apps from Micromedex: Drug Information & Drug Interactions

For instructions on how to install, click here.
Compatible with iOS for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Also available for Android.

Micromedex is the standard for comprehensive drug information. Their about page states that the app “contains concise information on 4,500+ search terms, covering generic names, including selected combination products, common trade names, therapeutic class, black box warnings, dosage, adult, dosage, pediatric, dose adjustments, indications (differentiated as ‘FDA labeled’ and ‘non-FDA labeled’), administration, monitoring, how supplied, contraindications, precautions, adverse effects, drug interactions, pregnancy, breast feeding, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology.” Drug interaction information is in a separate app called Micromedex Drug Interactions (only available for iOS).

Both Micromedex apps are extremely simple and easy to use. The Drug Information app has a search bar and two ways to browse: by drug or by class. The Drug Interactions app has a search bar and two buttons that allow you to browse a drug list (where you can select a list of drugs to compare) and then to view your selected drugs (where interactions will be highlighted). The interactions screen differentiates between major and moderate warnings, and describes the effect and clinical management of each interaction.

Last but not least, this app’s data downloads to your device, so you can use the app offline. Now only is this really handy in those dead zones when you’re without a WiFi connection or cell phone signal, but it’s also great for your battery life!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out our reviews of PubMed Plus and Dynamed.

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  1. Is there a UPHS password for the IV compatibility app?

    • Bethany Myers says:

      Hi Dan,

      Yes, we have a password for the IV app. If you login to Micromedex and then click the MobileMicromedex link at the top of the screen, you’ll see a list of apps with their installation instructions. Scroll down and you’ll see the IV Compatibility information and password.

  2. LexiComp is also available to UPHS as a downloadable app — click on “Mobile App Access” from the LexiComp home page.

  3. What about for people who don’t have any of those ipad/iphone/android devices? Is there a version compatible for a PC?

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