A surgeon & his iPad apps

appsontap-docipadI attended a fascinating presentation in late March sponsored by the Perelman School of Medicine’s Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Office.  Dr. Kenric Murayama, Chief of Surgery at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, demo’ed how he uses his iPad to enhance productivity and makes his professional life easier to manage.

It’s great to hear what apps healthcare professionals use on a daily basis to enhance their work performance.  It gives me ideas on how I might use these same tools.

Dr. Murayama explained that he’s not a technology expert, but a doctor who uses an iPad on a daily basis.  In fact, his iPad is beginning to replace his laptop.

During the session I jotted down a list of some of the apps Dr. Murayama uses, in no particular order:

SlideShark – An iOS presentation program. Dr. Murayama used SlideShark as his presentation software during the session.  He showed us how he could use his iPhone to move through his slideshow that ran on his iPad.  He warned that videos can’t be imbedded into a SlideShark slide.

GoodPlayer – An inexpensive media player app. It can convert a number of different media files including AVI, Xvid, Divx, WMV, MKV, RM, and RMVB into files that are compatible with the iOS platform.  Dr. Murayama uses Handbrake on his MacBook to rip and convert video files.

FlipBoard – Access popular news and social media sites with this visually stunning app.

DocPhin – This iOS & android app allows easy access to favorite medical journals.  When accessing a specific article you are prompted for your PennKey.

iAnnotate – Markup your PDF’s, Word, PowerPoint files, and images.  Dr. Murayama syncs marked-up PDF’s with his Dropbox account.

DropBox – Store and access all your files using a Dropbox account.

DocsToGo – Use this app to access and edit your Microsoft files.

Scanner Pro – Scan anything, receipts, notes, multipage documents.  For the money, Dr. Murayama suggests that it’s one of the best scanning apps.  Scanned documents are saved as PDF’s.  They can be emailed, or uploaded into  Dropbox, EverNote, and many other cloud services.

Junos Pulse & PocketCloud – Secure connection to your networked data (including VPN) and desktop computer.  Dr. Murayama demoed his ability to access his Mac workstation in order to pull up important work data.

Dr. Murayama wrapped up his session by encouraging us to talk to colleagues about what apps they use, and to test apps as we hear about them and decide for ourselves whether their use would enhance our work (and social) lives.

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