Isabel: Point of care diagnosis checklist

Isabel is a diagnostic decision support checklist system. Two key features include a dynamic differential diagnostic checklist, and access to a number of textbooks, journals, web resources, and treatment guidelines and protocols.  Its development was inspired by the initial misdiagnosis of Jason and Charlotte Maude’s 3 year old daughter, Isabel.  Isabel Health was created to help clinicians avoid missed or delayed diagnosis with future patients.

Access to Isabel is available:

Web Interface – Search Page

Isabel homepage

The left panel allows you to enter clinical features such as “abdominal pain” or “elevated ESR”, while the right panel allows you to type in a condition or disease and access general information about that condition.

As an alternative  to searching  in clinical features, you can also search within the Knowledge box located in the central panel.  Typing a condition and choosing an age group will bring you to information on a specific diagnosis.

Diagnosis Page

DiagnosisOnce you’ve entered a patient’s age, gender, and listed several clinical features using the Isabel dx interface, the system will bring up a list of conditions to consider.  Conditions with red flags contain time sensitive information or suggest more serious conditions. They are grouped into “Don’t miss” diagnoses.

An additional feature is Drug tab that will display a list of medications that could be the cause of your patient’s symptoms including a list of potential bioterrorist agents.

Knowledge Window

DyneMed connectClicking on any condition from the diagnosis results page will lead you to a Knowledge Window.  If information from Dynamed is associated with your condition, it displays by default.  Also available via the left-hand menu are links to Medscape, PubMed, Google Images, and a number of web resources, many containing high quality medical information.

Mobile Access

Mobile versions of Isabel are available for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android devices.

The interface is extremely intuitive.  For example, entering patient information (including: age, gender, travel history, clinical features) and clicking “Get checklist”, you will be led to a list of possible diagnoses. The system will also provide reasons why a diagnosis has been selected.

Instructions are available for installation and setup at:


Isabel’s unique feature, compared to other databases, is that it allows clinicians to engage with patients as they enter reported complaints.

In brief,  Isabel is a diagnostic checklist tool that helps clinicians make differential diagnostic decisions at the point of care. It may facilitate clinicians facing a difficult diagnosis or as second check.

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