Penn+Box in the classroom

BoxPen2Have you tried Penn+Box? Catherine Odson did. Click over to the WIC blog to find out how she used Penn+Boxthis (free for the Penn Community) cloud app to support her coursework:

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  1. I used Box briefly for course work but the med school supported Dropbox and all the apps I used worked better with it. One downside to using Penn+Box I find is that most of the time I need to access files and I’m on the Penn network, Penn+Box is blocked (for security reasons according to the IT guys). Therefore it’s far from the best option for me. I’ve been using Evernote more now, though I still love the simplicity if Dropbox

    • Catherine Odson says:

      Mat — It’s not blocked on AirPennNet, but the medical buildings often are on a different, more stringent network. I haven’t played as much with Dropbox or Evernote for class, but I could see both working really well in this area. Same idea, different app.

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