Adobe Creative Cloud: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Let’s talk about the newest version of Adobe’s popular software suite, Adobe Creative Cloud. There are lots of great new features across the range of software that Adobe offers, but first let me explain what it is, what it isn’t, and why some people might be better served by running quickly to the Computer Connection […]

Free iOS Apps for 5th anniversary of App Store

Apple is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the iOS App Store, and some of its top apps are FREE today.  I can’t find anything that says how long these apps will remain available at no cost (maybe just an hour, maybe for the whole week), so grab them quickly before they revert to their original […]

Study break – Little Things Forever

This time of the year, everyone is working extra hard, often for long stretches at a time. But it’s not productive to sit and study for long periods of time without taking breaks. My latest way to take a short break is the game “Little Things Forever,” by developer Klicktock. I play it on the […]

Farewell to Google Reader – Here are some alternatives

Well THIS is a bummer. I opened up Google Reader this morning and was greeted with the very depressing message “Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013.”  I’ve spent countless hours with Reader (keeping track of the latest technology trends, deciding what to cook for dinner, enjoying pretty photographs, and so many […]

New Tablets in the Library!

Thinking about getting one of the new tablets that have hit the market recently?  Maybe you’re not sure which one to ask for buy someone as a holiday gift? The folks in the Vitale Digital Media Lab in Van Pelt Library just got: iPad mini iPad 4 Nexus 7 Nexus 10 Microsoft Surface And you’re […]

Using Penn+Box on your iOS or Android Device

By now, hopefully you’ve discovered Penn’s new Penn+Box service, which works a lot like Dropbox, except that you get 20GB of free storage. (If not, here’s Kate’s review: There’s a Box app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and it turns out you can use your PennKey to log into it, but it’s not […]

The 19 best new features of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 (and how to use them)

I finally got an iPhone 5 (I waited in line at the Apple store from 7:30am), and I love it.  I’m upgrading from an iPhone 4, so I’m seeing some real improvements over my old phone.  You’ve probably heard about some of them already, but I wanted to share my favorites and mention some of […]

Tools, not toys

The Weigle Information Commons and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL) are offering a series of workshops this fall at WIC that will address how to take productivity principles from the analog world and apply them to using your iOS devices. The 3 workshops, titled Time Management, Note Taking, and Research & Critical Thinking, will […]

Publishing your document as an e-Book

Nick down in the Vitale Digital Media Lab has written a great blog post on how to publish your document in one of the e-book formats so that people can read it on their Kindle, Nook, iPad or other e-reader.  He addresses the issues of which software to use to convert your book to the […]

Noteshelf – Handwriting on the iPad

I really like the iPad.  But I don’t like typing on it. Sure, for some things, you just need a laptop and keyboard.  There’s simply no substitute.  But on the whole, I much prefer to take notes on a pad of paper.  Plus certain types of note-taking (sketches, math equations, diagrams, charts & graphs–not to mention […]