My Five: Apps for the private pilot from Heather Glaser

Weekends are for flying!  As a private pilot with VFR (visual flight rules) rating, here are the five apps I have come to rely on. ForeFlight – This app is a must for all private pilots.  It contains sectional chart info for the entire United States, the Airport Facility Directory, weather information across flight routes, […]

My Five: Apps for summer from Catherine Odson

Catherine Odson

Oh, summer. I’m rarely without my phone, and this is even more true during the summer months, when I’m more likely to spend my free time out and about in the city than anywhere near my laptop. Here are five apps I rely on: 1. Swackett: The iPhone’s weather app leaves much to be desired. […]

My Five: Data analysis tools from Anu Vedantham

Here are five tools I enjoy using with different kinds of data. Qualtrics – I began using Qualtrics in 2010 when collecting survey data for my dissertation. Survey Monkey and Google Forms didn’t have the features I needed. John MacDermott helped me get started with a Penn Qualtrics account. I appreciated the ability to send […]

My Five: Top digital humanities tools from Mitch Fraas

Please welcome Mitch Fraas: Bollinger Fellow for Library Innovation, Unique at Penn blogger, and ace digital humanities practitioner. Here are his five favorite DH tools to get it done:  1. Google Fusion Tables: Probably my go-to tool for doing quick geographic or chronological visualizations of data. Fusion tables allows users to import spreadsheets and view the data in […]

My Five: Dick Griscom, Head, Otto E. Albrecht Music Library

I recently popped in to ask Dick Griscom, head of the Music Library, about his five favorite apps for Android. Dick is a humanist who also digs tech, so I had a suspicion he’d have a nice batch of off-the-beaten path (at least to me) apps to talk about. Here’s what he had to say: […]