Genius Scan in the Library

Curious about the ways in which a scanner app might ease research, I decided to try Genius Scan for Android. This free app created by The Grizzly Labs makes use of the phone’s built-in camera. Essentially, scanner applications allow the user to take digital photographs, immediately process them for optimal quality and export them in […]

BrowZine is now available to the Penn community

BrowZine is a tablet-based alerting service that allows you to browse, read and monitor many of the Penn Libraries journal subscriptions on your iPad, Android or Kindle. It works by pulling together articles from library subscribed databases,  uniting them into complete issues and displaying them in a “newsstand” type presentation. Simply locate the journals titles you […]

Links we like

Penn+Box just got even bigger and better: base storage is now 50 GB! If you didn’t use it before, you’ll certainly want to claim that free account now.     (Penn Computing) Avoid countless near-injuries by downloading the WalkNText app, which shows you where you’re stepping (as you text away) before it’s too late.   […]

Links we like

Faculty and TAs: are you finding it tough to organize office hours now that Google Calendar got rid of its appointment scheduling function? Learn how to use to automate the process for your students, and hopefully taking one task off your plate.     (Trinity College) Keep track of new job postings (and make your job or […]

Study Break – Gesundheit!

Everyone needs a study break now and then, so I thought I’d share my current favorite iPhone game. Gesundheit! is deceptively simple at first, but its beautiful (and adorable) hand-drawn art and its happy accompanying music pull you in deeper for hours of enjoyment.  I was dubious at first, but i’ve been playing semi-obsessively since […]

Coming soon: Wrangling GPS / GIS apps

UPDATE: Two articles in the series have been posted: Mapmaking apps for Android Fulcrum: Data collection for iOS Your smartphone is a powerful data collector. Photos, notes, videos… everything you create can be geolocated. So finding apps to create GPS-enriched data, export it, and produce amazing projects for class should be easy, right? Guess again. […]

FirstConsult app: Authoritative, evidence-based, point-of-care clinical content

FirstConsult App

FirstConsult is an evidence-based, point-of-care reference app that provides enhanced decision making tools, specialized diagnostic tools and other useful information in just a few taps. FirstConsult is part of MDConsult, an online service that brings leading medical resources together at a single point of access. Updated on a weekly basis, the content covers diagnosis options, […]

Listen to PennSound Radio with TuneIn

A 24-hour stream of readings and conversations from the PennSound poetry archive? Yes, please! On your mobile? Absolutely. Try TuneIn Radio: Android | iOs | Blackberry Founded and curated by 2008 College graduate Stephen McLaughlin and 2010 College graduate Jeffrey Boruszak, this essentially endless shuffle of quality poetry recordings unearths new treats daily. To search […]

4 useful uses for Dropbox

Millions of users can’t be wrong: Dropbox is awesome. Google ‘awesome dropobox uses’ and you’ll come across a number of great ideas both complex and simple. Here are 4 uses we especially like: 1. Set up a shared folder for group project work. 2. Upload meeting notes, Sktiches and scans. 3. Keep your resume up […]

QuickCite, a citation app: How does it stack up?

Want to  scan bar codes and quickly build a list of books you have read? Assemble a list of books you aspire to read?  If students are working on papers that make use of mostly modern or recent published sources, this may be a tool of use for you. QuickCite is a new citation app […]