Welcome, new students! Penn Libraries essentials

After the NSO dust settles (Library Social!), at some point you’ll be back at our doorstep to get down to business. When that day comes, take a peek at these key on-the-go resources and useful tools: First things first: Security. Unattended theft is one of the most common crimes on campus. For peace of mind, install […]

Links we like

Penn+Box just got even bigger and better: base storage is now 50 GB! If you didn’t use it before, you’ll certainly want to claim that free account now.     (Penn Computing) Avoid countless near-injuries by downloading the WalkNText app, which shows you where you’re stepping (as you text away) before it’s too late.   […]

Links we like

New Facebook + OCR interviews ≠ bad news. Use this guide to figure out how to maintain a semblance of privacy on the social network.     (NYT) Or, use the PennApps hackathon-winning SimpleWash, formerly known as FaceWash!     (Hacker League) Google Drive, Penn+Box, Dropbox — how similar are these services? The Weigle Information Commons staff investigates.     (WIC) Get hip […]

Tools, Not Toys: Wednesday night workshops on academic apps

Time management, note-taking in class, research & project management, and annotation & note-taking from readings – there are most definitely apps for that, but which one are good, and how can you get the most out of them? Fear not, the Weigle Information Commons and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL) is here to help. Every […]

PennApps was here: Winners within!

The first PennApps Hackathon of 2013 is already ramping up happened! The overall winner whipped up Inventory, an RFID-hack for your backpack, meant to keep track of things as you put them in and take them out. Crazy smart idea, as always.  Way to go, PennApps people! Full list of winners: http://2013s.pennapps.com/prizes Recording of ALL presentations: […]

Let your Android read those PDFs to you. Seriously.

I’ve been skeptical about text-to-voice apps over the last few years, but SoundGecko really turned my head this summer. Its only shortcoming is its inability to read PDFs, so I’ve been fishing for a solid PDF-to-speech reader for Android over the past couple of weeks. After many totally awful experiences, I finally found one I like: ezPDF Reader […]

Welcome, new students! Penn Libraries essentials

We know it’s all fun and games for the next week or so (Library Social!), but in no time you’ll be lining up for library time. Here’s a quick roundup of key on-the-go resources and useful tools: First things first: Security. Unattended theft is one of the most common crimes on campus. For peace of mind, install […]

Royal Society of Chemistry roadshow visits Penn

In May, the Royal Society of Chemistry visited the Chemistry Library on their nation-wide roadshow. David Toccafondi and I dropped by and were treated to app demos by RSC’s Merlin Fox. This week I sat down with Judith Currano, Head of the Chemistry Library, and we took an even closer look at the apps on […]

Mapmaking apps for Android

Anyone can make a Google map, but if you want to start one in the field – surveying plants, buildings, people, public art – you need an app for that. Something that geolocates your field notes. Something that can yield a proper map without taking two semesters of GIS classes. Lucky for you, I’ve tested […]

Apps for the home stretch

Reading week, final papers, final projects, final exams. Here’s a survival kit from the apps on tap team: Before your laptop, iPad or phone is stolen, install Prey. It’s free, and highly recommended. Just look at the happy faces of people with their recovered laptops. Look at them. Still looking for a summer job? Take […]