Canvas apps? Yes!

You may have heard that Penn is making the switch from Blackboard to Canvas this year. And great news, Canvas is mobile-friendly. Keep up with your courses, readings, and assignments with the free Canvas app for iOS and Android. To log into any of these apps, use the following URL (for general Penn courses): […]

Adventures in grading: Digital assignments, digital grading

The Situation Last year, on the day of the final of the last section of my course, I received my University-issued iPad.  I teach chemical information to graduate students and give a “practical” exam; the students are asked to search the literature and retrieve relevant information to answer a series of questions that I ask.  […]

Blackboard re-releases mobile apps

After some technical difficulties, the Blackboard mobile app is once again available. We’ve downloaded it to a few iPods and iPhones and it looks good so far. The functionality has not changed. You can see your courses and access materials, but that’s about it. Course content on mobile devices is accessible only on iOS devices […]