Adventures in grading: Digital assignments, digital grading

The Situation Last year, on the day of the final of the last section of my course, I received my University-issued iPad.  I teach chemical information to graduate students and give a “practical” exam; the students are asked to search the literature and retrieve relevant information to answer a series of questions that I ask.  […]

A surgeon & his iPad apps

I attended a fascinating presentation in late March sponsored by the Perelman School of Medicine’s Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Office.  Dr. Kenric Murayama, Chief of Surgery at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, demo’ed how he uses his iPad to enhance productivity and makes his professional life easier to manage. It’s great to hear what apps […]

CamScanner for Apple and Android

The folks at WIC have posted a great review of CamScanner, a smartphone scanner app you can download for free with a .edu email address!

Links we like

New Facebook + OCR interviews ≠ bad news. Use this guide to figure out how to maintain a semblance of privacy on the social network.     (NYT) Or, use the PennApps hackathon-winning SimpleWash, formerly known as FaceWash!     (Hacker League) Google Drive, Penn+Box, Dropbox — how similar are these services? The Weigle Information Commons staff investigates.     (WIC) Get hip […]

3 good things about Penn+Box

Last month, Adam Preset from ISC Networking & Telecommunications gave a quick tour of Penn+Box at the WIC’s Gadget Day. Three things I learned from Adam and have since come to love: 1: Real spreadsheets. Yes it’s nerdy, but we all know the horror that is a Google spreadsheet. How many of you have had […]

Dropbox full? Try Penn+Box

You may have heard that Penn and Box launched a cloud storage service for all Penn staff, faculty and students. You may be wondering if it’s worth jumping in and using that big open 20GB space. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews, but overall I think it’s worth it. Here’s why. Basically, it’s a GIANT Dropbox. […]

Let your Android read those PDFs to you. Seriously.

I’ve been skeptical about text-to-voice apps over the last few years, but SoundGecko really turned my head this summer. Its only shortcoming is its inability to read PDFs, so I’ve been fishing for a solid PDF-to-speech reader for Android over the past couple of weeks. After many totally awful experiences, I finally found one I like: ezPDF Reader […]

No time to read? Listen later with SoundGecko

Too much to read, not enough time? Ever wish someone (or something) could just read articles, abstracts and books to you? I do. That’s why I was very excited to hear about SoundGecko. And I was right to be excited. Simply install the browser plugin, go to any article on the web and click the […]

4 useful uses for Dropbox

Millions of users can’t be wrong: Dropbox is awesome. Google ‘awesome dropobox uses’ and you’ll come across a number of great ideas both complex and simple. Here are 4 uses we especially like: 1. Set up a shared folder for group project work. 2. Upload meeting notes, Sktiches and scans. 3. Keep your resume up […]

Demonstrating productivity apps to the Penn community

In January, librarians from the Biomedical Library and staff from the Weigle Information Commons presented “Apps for Clinical Productivity” to a group of tech-curious UPHS clinicians. Participants were each given an iPad from the Weigle Information Commons to allow them to explore a number of applications that could potentially improve productivity for the clinician. Crowd favorites […]