Study break – Granny Smith

Earlier this week, David reviewed the beautiful, zen puzzle game Little Things Forever. I too adore that game, but sometimes I want a little more action in my study break. Enter Granny Smith. This lady can really go. She’s got a cane, a pair of rollerskates, and a meddlesome kid to chase through every level. […]

Exam time survival guide

Fall Term ends today — are you ready for the nonstop study party that is Reading Days? If not, here are some words of wisdom to get you through the madness. 1) Coffee, tea, soda — caffeine of any kind will soon replace your current BFF (at least until exams are over). Mark’s Cafe has […]

Study Break – Gesundheit!

Everyone needs a study break now and then, so I thought I’d share my current favorite iPhone game. Gesundheit! is deceptively simple at first, but its beautiful (and adorable) hand-drawn art and its happy accompanying music pull you in deeper for hours of enjoyment.  I was dubious at first, but i’ve been playing semi-obsessively since […]

Apps for the home stretch

Reading week, final papers, final projects, final exams. Here’s a survival kit from the apps on tap team: Before your laptop, iPad or phone is stolen, install Prey. It’s free, and highly recommended. Just look at the happy faces of people with their recovered laptops. Look at them. Still looking for a summer job? Take […]