Take Penn Libraries with you

You’re done, hooray! Having spent the last week practically living in our buildings, the last thing you want is to think about us again until at least January 9th? Right? Maybe not. We’ve got some goodies you might be interested in over break, and you don’t even need to be here to take advantage of […]

My Five: Dick Griscom, Head, Otto E. Albrecht Music Library

I recently popped in to ask Dick Griscom, head of the Music Library, about his five favorite apps for Android. Dick is a humanist who also digs tech, so I had a suspicion he’d have a nice batch of off-the-beaten path (at least to me) apps to talk about. Here’s what he had to say: […]

Listen to free streaming music with Naxos, anywhere, anytime

Did you know the Penn Libraries have a subscription to the Naxos Music Library? Did you know you can listen to it on any computer, on campus or off? And that there’s not one, but two apps for that – Apple and Droid? To access this high quality music collection from anywhere, you have to […]