PennApps at the Penn Libraries: Update and winners

Over the weekend of September 6-8, Van Pelt Library hosted about 200 students participating in PennApps, the largest student-organized hackathon in the world. The students ate, slept, and hacked on the sixth floor, and a wonderful time was had by all! Anu Vedantham has provided a write-up of her experience on Sunday morning over on […]

Observing PennApps at the Kislak Center

I attended the PennApps hackathon on September 7, and came first thing in the morning to find everyone either asleep or exhausted from a full night of creating projects. A few students were ready to take a break and chat, though, so I’ll share some of their projects and general observations. I noted that many […]

Penn Libraries to open doors and data to PennApps hackathon

On Friday, September 6, the University of Pennsylvania will host PennApps, the largest student-run hackathon in the world. As part of the event, the Penn Libraries will provide work space for 200 hackathon participants in the newly renovated Special Collections Center. A $500 prize will also be awarded to the team that develops the best […]

PennApps was here: Winners within!

The first PennApps Hackathon of 2013 is already ramping up happened! The overall winner whipped up Inventory, an RFID-hack for your backpack, meant to keep track of things as you put them in and take them out. Crazy smart idea, as always.  Way to go, PennApps people! Full list of winners: Recording of ALL presentations: […]