A surgeon & his iPad apps

I attended a fascinating presentation in late March sponsored by the Perelman School of Medicine’s Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Office.  Dr. Kenric Murayama, Chief of Surgery at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, demo’ed how he uses his iPad to enhance productivity and makes his professional life easier to manage. It’s great to hear what apps […]

CamScanner for Apple and Android

The folks at WIC have posted a great review of CamScanner, a smartphone scanner app you can download for free with a .edu email address! http://pennwic.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/camscanner-for-apple-and-android/

QuickCite, a citation app: How does it stack up?

Want to  scan bar codes and quickly build a list of books you have read? Assemble a list of books you aspire to read?  If students are working on papers that make use of mostly modern or recent published sources, this may be a tool of use for you. QuickCite is a new citation app […]

Scanning into the cloud: Android apps

You’re in a group project meeting. You’ve sketched out the best plan ever on a whiteboard. Now what? Take a picture with your smartphone, then take it to the next level. Try Skitch (also available for iPhone). Take a picture, and draw on it, type on it, draw arrows on it, and share it out […]